Patient Success Stories and Selfies


One of our incredible patients modeling her new butt in her black dress!. Her Brazilian Butt Lift (butt augmentation with fat transfer) looks amazing in her little black dress. She loves her new hourglass figure!
One of our fabulous patients underwent a lip augmentation with Restylane Defyne to give her lovely luscious lips. Restylane Defyne is a great new product that lasts up to a year and can give a full, youthful appearance to her lips. She has the perfect cupid’s bow. Thanks for sharing your kissable lips selfie!
My patient had a revision of her liposuction using SAFELipo and a butt augmentation with implants and fat transfer. She is showing off her new stunning hourglass figure in a dress.
One of my incredible patients who had a lip augmentation with Restylane Refyne to give her subtle but stunning lips. Restylane Refyne is a great new product that lasts up to a year and can give a youthful appearance to her lips. Thanks for sharing your lip selfie!
The patient underwent a butt augmentation with 548cc butt implants and fat transfer. She also had liposuction of her abdomen, back and flanks. The fat was transferred to her hips and around her implants to give her a natural but amazing shape to her buttock. The combination of the liposculpting and fat transfer give her an hourglass figure. She looks amazing modeling in her pink panties!

One of our fabulous patients modeling her new butt. She underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift with 1000cc of fat transfer. She is showing off her amazing new butt in a tiny black thong.
Dr. Franco and his team at the Texas Women’s conference educating women about plastic surgery. The topics ranged from Botox to Breasts to Butts and everything in between!

Dr. Franco is being spoiled with a facial while taking a break at the Texas Women’s conference.

This patient had a previous Brazilian Butt Lift done several years ago. She now presents for further sculpting and butt augmentation. She had a second round of fat transfer done for her Brazilian Butt Lift Revision. Here she is modeling in a stunning blue bikini!

Supporting the Susan G Koman Foundation at the 2016 Bosom Ball. Hanging out with the Band Perry and Maren Morrison before the show. A great event for a great cause!
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Dr. Franco being interviewed by KEYE “We are Austin.” He talked about various topics in plastic surgery ranging from Botox to Breast and Butt augmentation.

One of our fabulous patients showing off her new butt in a stunning red bikini. She had 548cc butt implants and 400cc of fat transfer to each side. The pictures show how amazing patients can look after their butt augmentation surgery.

Patient underwent a breast augmentation through and IMF incision. She has 400cc smooth round high profile silicone implants. She is modeling her incredible appearance in a bikini!

One of fabulous breast augmentation patients shared her pictures with us after her recent photo shoot! She had silicone breast implants placed through the axilla.

One of our patients shared her selfie from a night out on the town! She had a butt augmentation with 712cc round silicone butt implants. She looks amazing!

Our incredible patient shared her selfie picture with us after her breast augmentation surgery! She had round silicone high profile implants placed through a peri-areolar approach for her breast augmentation. She looks fabulous!

Our sensational patient shared one of her recent pictures with us after her breast augmentation. She had a trans-axillary breast augmentation with smooth round silicone implants. The axillary approach avoids any incisions being placed on the breast. She looks incredible!

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