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What Is the Inframammary Incision?

Published on October 20, 2017
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An important aspect of the breast augmentation procedure is the incision location. There are multiple incision locations available for the procedure that all come with their own sets of benefits. Understanding the differences between each one will help you when

Restoring Your Figure After Your Pregnancy with a Mommy Makeover

Published on October 6, 2017

After having your child, you may notice that your pregnancy has caused a number of changes all over your body. Some of these changes can be difficult to reverse with traditional methods like exercise and dieting. If you are struggling

What Can I Do About My Large Areolae?

Published on September 29, 2017

Sometimes, a small aesthetic issue can have a big impact on our self-esteem. Many women who are satisfied with the shape and size of their breasts may still be embarrassed by their appearance due to the size of their areolae.

Enhancing the Size and Shape of Your Butt with a Brazilian Butt Lift

Published on September 22, 2017

The key to an attractive figure is balance. The proportions of your body should complement one another, and having smooth and sexy contours in both your lower and upper body helps to create a balanced and curvaceous figure that looks

Will Others Be Able to Tell I Had Upper-Eyelid Surgery?

Published on September 1, 2017

Sagging upper-eyelid skin can take a toll on the beauty of your face. It can give your eyes a constant worn-out appearance that detracts from the youthful beauty of the other feature of your face. Upper-eyelid surgery can rejuvenate the

Enhancing the Definition of the Male Jawline

Published on August 25, 2017

The dimensions of the male chin and jawline play a significant role in the attractiveness of their appearance. A strong and well-defined jawline creates a more masculine profile and gives the male face a chiseled and handsome quality. Unfortunately, all

Is Loose Skin Ruining the Appearance of Your Thighs?

Published on August 18, 2017

Do you feel uncomfortable in certain outfits because of the appearance of your thighs? If the problem is simply excess thigh fat, procedures like liposuction can easily restore the sleek and sexy appearance of your thighs. But liposuction cannot fully

Medical Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery

Published on August 7, 2017

Women with disproportionately large breasts will often find that it is difficult to find clothing that fits properly. These women may also notice that their breasts make it difficult to do normal tasks like running, playing sports, and bending to

Breast Augmentation: Sculpting a More Attractive Figure

Published on July 28, 2017

A key part of an attractive figure is the proportions of your body. Your breasts play an important role when it comes to the balance of your body proportions. If your breasts are too small compared to areas like your

Correcting Vertical Neck Bands

Published on July 19, 2017
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Aging affects areas of the body in significantly different ways. When we examine how aging affects the neck, one of the most common and noticeable issues is vertical neck banding. As we age, the muscles in the neck become strained

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