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Archive for January, 2018

Arm Lift: What Will the Recovery Period Be Like?

The arm lift procedure is designed to restore the toned and attractive appearance of your upper arms. During the procedure, excess tissue will be removed from the upper arms, and then the remaining upper arm skin will be tightly wrapped and sutured around the upper-arm muscles. There will be some temporary swelling and bruising around   read more…

Why Do My Breasts Have Rippled Appearance?

Are you experiencing Implant rippling? Implant rippling describes the appearance of a rippling pattern either on the outer side of the breasts or the inner side of the breast close to the cleavage. Implant rippling can occur for multiple reasons. It most commonly occurs in saline implants as a result of either over filling or   read more…

Bothered by the Puffy Bags Under Your Eyes?

Do you have puffy bags under your eyes that are ruining the natural beauty of your face? This is a common aesthetic issue that many people develop. Fortunately, it is an issue that can be corrected through a simple surgery. The cause of puffy undereye bags is the accumulation of fat in the area. A   read more…

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