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Archive for August, 2018

Blepharoplasty Can Benefit People of All Ages

A lot of people think that plastic surgery is primarily for older individuals who want to retain a youthful and attractive appearance for a long as possible. In reality, people of all ages can benefit from the aesthetic results that plastic surgery provides. Some people naturally have droopy eyelids or puffy bags under their eyes   read more…

Worried About the Way You Look as You Get Older?

Has aging been hard on your face? Some people are naturally more affected by the aging process and tend to have more noticeable issues like deep folds, wrinkles, lines, and skin sagging. This can make it difficult to feel good about your appearance as you get older. At More Beautiful You, one of our goals   read more…

Correcting a Torn Earlobe with Otoplasty

A torn earlobe may not be the most common injury, but it is an injury that occurs more frequently than you may be aware of. One of the most common causes of a torn or damaged earlobe is earrings. Earrings can sometimes get snagged on things. If a person does not notice that their earring   read more…

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