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Archive for October, 2019

Kybella Austin Double Chin Treatment

Many people feel self-conscious about their double chin. Getting rid of excess fat under the chin can be incredibly difficult. Fortunately, our team at More Beautiful You has a simple solution to help you achieve you aesthetic goals and improve your confidence. The best way to target and eliminate excess fat underneath the chin is   read more…

Rhinoplasty Austin

Rhinoplasty, also called Nose Surgery or a “Nose Job,” is a popular procedure performed to improve the appearance, and sometimes the function, of the nose. As the central figure of our faces, the nose can make a big impact on our perceived overall facial harmony and balance (or lack thereof). Some common complaints we hear   read more…

Tummy Tuck Austin

The Tummy Tuck procedure, also called Abdominoplasty, provides unparalleled results that significantly enhance the appearance of the mid-section. The Tummy Tuck is performed through an incision that runs along the lower abdomen from to hip to hip, removing excess sagging skin, stubborn fat, and excess tissue. Through these measures, it tightens a protruding, sagging abdomen   read more…

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