Brazilian Butt Lift Austin

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The Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer) is an incredible procedure that not only enhances your buttock, but also improves your overall shape.  The waist is narrowed and transformed into an hourglass figure.   I will perform liposuction in multiple areas of your body and then the fat is processed and transferred into the buttocks to add volume and overall better shape. This allows the fat to be removed from unwanted areas and used to enhance the patient’s buttock.  




Candidate Information

  • You desire a more sculpted and shaped buttock. 
  • You are of normal weight.
  • You are in good physical and emotional health.
  • You have firm, elastic skin.
  • You have realistic expectations.
  • You have localized fat unresponsive to diet and exercise.

To get more information about the Brazilian Butt Lift and other ways to utilize fat transfer to enhances your look, schedule a consultation with Dr. Franco today!

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